Holy Trinity Events: Me, We and God

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Deze week staat Amsterdam te trillen op haar grondvesten. De stad is van 16-20 oktober in de ban van het Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE).  Het evenement stelt: ‘Amsterdam Dance Event is the leading conference & festival for electronic music.’ Ik ben even door het programma heen gegaan en ik zou naast diverse shows zeker naar deze lezing van de ADE University willen gaan: Me, We and God: Peter Decuypere’s Unique Event Strategies

Peter Decuypere is a keystone figure in underground music: as the founding father of I Love Techno and of the world famous club Fuse in Brussels, he has been responsible for more revelatory musical days and nights than the mind can comfortably comprehend. His latest project is his book, Holy Trinity Events, which encapsulates his experiences and philosophy into a guide for promoters and marketers. Bringing together examples not just from Daft Punk’s live shows, Burning Man and Tomorrowland, but also from the game worlds of League of Legends and the YouTube universe of Markiplier, it creates a secular holy trinity.

Decuypere’s approach is to combine the “me experience” (individual), the “we experience” (collective) and “god experience” (transcendent) to create a totality.

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